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Are you a Christian social worker who is passionate about international child protection?

If so, sign up for information about our upcoming Global Child Advocate training! The focus is on protecting orphaned and vulnerable children through family-based care.

Heart BadgeThe Need for a Safe Transformation

Millions of children globally, are growing up in orphanages, but statistics show that most of those children have parents or extended families who would love to care for them if they had the support to do so. The sheer existence of an orphanage in a poor community can pull children away from good families because parents believe the orphanage can do better.

As Social Workers, we know that children thrive in healthy families and institutional care can lead to a lifetime of vulnerability and attachment disorders. As governments and organizations are seeing these outcomes for children, there is a global shift happening away from the orphanage model towards family-based care.

We know this shift in practice is best for children long-term so we want to help organizations who need increased social work capacity in order to transition children safely.

That's why we need you!

Local Advocacy

As a social worker, your professional expertise can carry a lot of weight when you speak up. You can educate your church and local networks about children's best interest and family-based alternatives to the orphanage model. You can prevent family separation and allow more children to grow up with the family God gave them.

Global Service

For social workers interested in international service opportunities, the training program will build upon your current skills and prepare you to serve in a cross-cultural setting. It will equip you to provide onsite training that will increase the social work capacity of organizations seeking to safely transition the children in their care into loving families.

Heart BadgeGlobal Child Advocate Training

The Global Child Advocate training is a collaboration from global experts, including the SFAC team who has provided family-based care training around the world. While becoming an advocate, you’ll earn accredited continuing education credit hours as well.

Following successful completion of the course, those interested in international service opportunities can enter the screening process to be certified as a Global Child Advocate.

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To start learning more now, join this free online course about the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care for Children:

'Getting Care Right for All Children' which includes experts from UNICEF, CELCIS and the UN. Developed by the University of Strathclyde and CELCIS.

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Our message is part of a global shift in thinking.

Orphanages worldwide are closing their doors as governments
begin to recognize the potential harm of institutional care.

Find Out More

Learn more about the Global Shift:

A World Without Orphans

Watch the presentation by A World Without Orphans for a Christian Perspective on the movement. 

The Orphan Myth: Keeping Families Together

To learn about another side of the issue, watch the special documentary episode of To the Contrary that explores the trend away from orphanages and towards family reunification.

Children, Orphanages and Families

For research about the issue, read Faith to Action’s Children, Orphanages and Families.


Fund a Transformation

If you have a heart for orphaned children, we need your help! We rely on generous donors like you to fund our volunteer Global Child Advocates’ transportation and field costs, and to continue developing tools that will help us reach more children with the good news of family.

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