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Millions of children grow up in orphanages because their family of origin doesn't have the economic or social support it needs to raise them at home. In fact, the sheer existence of an orphanage in a poor community can pull children away from good families because parents believe the orphanage can offer their child a better life.

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Research shows that institutional care can lead to a lifetime of vulnerability and attachment disorders. As governments and organizations are seeing these outcomes for children, there is a global shift happening away from the orphanage model towards family-based care.

Without adequate preparation, children living in orphanages that are forced to close down quickly could end up on the streets and more vulnerable than ever. That’s why it’s crucial to help orphanages find loving, healthy families for every child in their care now.

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Orphanages that transition to a family-based model of care invest an incredible amount of resources into preparing all children and families involved for one of the most important changes of their lives. We want to lighten their load by offering our mentoring services at no cost.

We're currently developing a training program for social workers excited about guiding orphanage staff and children through a safe transformation. You can invest in a child’s future by funding our volunteer Global Child Advocates’ US-based training, transportation to location of service, and field costs.

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Photo Credit: The Archibald Project, an orphan advocacy organization.