Advocate with us

We invite you to join us as an advocate for vulnerable children in Thailand and around the world. Your voice increases our impact.


FUNraise for our mission


Whether you’re running a race, celebrating a birthday, hosting a holiday party, or selling a product, use it as an opportunity to make a global impact.

All you need to prevent child exploitation, protect victims and empower family is just your smart phone or laptop. Sign up today!


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Invite us to speak

Learn about our experiences in child protection, working alongside governments and communities over the last 10 years.

If your university wants to expand students' understanding of international issues or your church wants hear more about what God is doing about injustice, let us know.

If you just want a better understanding of how your school or faith community can make an impact, contact us.


Share our social enterprise

Sojourn Studio launched in 2017 to empower young women who've overcome injustice and struggling mothers on the Thailand-Myanmar border. The goal is not just to make beautiful products but to empower a hope-filled future for every artisan.

Share with your friends, the opportunity to buy our designs on Etsy and in doing so you will help our program thrive. The more people who support our program, the more young women and mothers we can empower.

If you’re a social worker, sign up for S.W.A.T. training