Advocate: Family

Globally, child protection systems The issues the threaten children are incredibly complex and funding is often limited.

The good news is that YOU can be part of the solution

Be Equipped

What might seem like a good solution might cause problems for a child later in life. Gain the specialized skills in counseling or social work so you can effectively help children. Earn a law degree so that you can advocate on a macro level to affect policies that impact children.

Empower Foster Care

  • Encourage your church to engage in recruiting foster families and providing support for existing carers.

  • Find local organizations which provide tangible support for foster families.

  • Become a certified foster care babysitter to give parents an evening out.

The map below represents the percentage of Half-Orphans living in orphanages globally:

  Image Source: Lumos

Image Source: Lumos


Our teams utilize protective factors to prevent separation, reunify families and equip foster families. To date, we have provided training for 1,388 caregivers and professionals.