Advocate with us

We invite you to join us as an advocate for vulnerable children in Thailand and around the world. Your voice increases our impact.


Be Part of The Solution

60% of child trafficking victims rescued by the FBI in 2013, had been in the care of the state.

In the U.S. alone, there are over 438,000 children in the foster care system with over 120,000 children waiting to be adopted. Globally, there are an estimated 6.4-7.2 million children in orphanages who have a living parent.

There are many ways you can actively make a difference for these children.

Invite us to speak

We each feel privileged to be a part of our mission and we love sharing from what we've learned working with marginalized children and families over the last 10 years.

Whether your university wants to expand students' understanding of international child protection, your church wants hear what God is doing about these issues of injustice, or if you want to better understand how your school or faith community can make an impact, let us know.


Share Our Social Enterprise

Sojourn Studio launched in 2017 to empower young women who've overcome injustice and struggling mothers on the Thailand-Myanmar border.

Share with your friends, the opportunity to buy our designs on Etsy and in doing so you will help our program thrive.

The more people who support our program, the more women we can empower towards a hope-filled future. 


Dinner and Dialogue

We are bombarded by tragedy and injustice around the world everyday. It can be overwhelming to figure out what our role should be. Take the simple first step by setting aside a night for dinner and dialogue.

Invite 5 people or 500 and create space to talk about issues of injustice. Tell us about the issues you care most about and we'll send you media tools and printable materials to get the conversation started. 

Send your photos so we can inspire others to do the same on social media!