Professional Advocates

If you’re a social worker or you have professional experience in child protection, apply to join our Professional Advocate team!

Local Advocacy

Professional Advocates will serve as part of an advocacy collective to collaborate ideas on raising awareness and promoting best practice in OVC care. Advocates will use their expertise to help more children grow up in safe families by shifting mindsets and promoting change.

Global Service

Professional Advocates will be informed of global missions where they can serve onsite with organizations to provide social work training and consultation. They will walk alongside an organization to strengthen and increase their social work skills, so they can better protect children and empower families for all..


Apply to become a Professional Advocate

Professional Advocate Training Modules

Professional Advocates will need to complete all 3 training modules prior to global service, which will be available online soon.

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Module 1: Global Awareness

Global DI Movement

Family Preservation Crisis

Institutionalization of Children

Continuum of Safety


Module 2: Being An Advocate

Local Advocacy

Role of a Global Advocate

Essential skills of an advocate

Contextualizing social work skills


Module 3: Key Components

Cross-cultural Application

Case Management

Family Reunification

Alternative Care

Our application process involves a criminal background check, reference checks, and agreement to GCA policies.

If you pass the screening process, you’ll receive access to our onsite tool-kit and resources for local advocacy.

Applicants will be informed when our full training program is available online.

Advocate on Social Media

You can spread the word about the family preservation crisis by simply sharing our Advocates Campaign page on social media through the social links in the top right corner.

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