Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Team is present in at-risk communities everyday. They know the leaders, the trouble makers, the teenager who has just been caught with drugs and the young girl who dropped out of school to help provide for her siblings.

This intentional involvement with our communities results in trust and gives us credibility to educate people about the risks and vulnerabilities surrounding them. We also gain a clear understanding of the issues that they face every day. 

Crisis Response

Because we are fully engaged with vulnerable communities, parents usually call us first when a child goes missing or abuse is happening in a neighbour’s home.

We’re also part of a network of local organizations directly involved in child protection. As crisis occurs, we all work together to determine the best solution for emergency cases involving children. Through this network, our team regularly responds to emergencies involving missing or abused children and cases where children have been trafficked.

Emergency Shelter

Our emergency shelter is a family-style, temporary safe-haven for female victims of trafficking and abuse. Cases are often referred to us by government agencies or local organizations looking for a safe place to temporarily house clients during criminal proceedings or investigations involving the perpetrator. In cases where it is unsafe for children to return to their family of origin, we find family-based alternatives for them.

Strengthening families to protect their own children is the best crisis prevention.