We empower advocates for every child through education and advocacy

By equipping those on the front lines of child protection and giving them the tools and resources they need, we can ensure that every child has an advocate who’ll keep them safe and fight for their future.

We’re on a mission to equip and empower families, caregivers, churches, and communities to protect their own children and the children around them from abuse, trafficking, and abandonment.

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Professional Advocates

In the countries where GCA and SFAC work, there is a critical need for increased social work skills. As governments seek to phase out orphanages, local staff need a strong understanding of assessments, case management, family tracing, monitoring, and much more to ensure children move safely into safe families.

In response, we are equipping social workers to advocate locally and serve globally. If you have professional experience in child protection and a passion for international work, join us!

Parental Resilience


Since 1997, their team has coached many other organizations and children’s homes transitioning from long-term residential to family-based care models in over 30 countries. SFAC is a UK-based charity, founded by Mick Pease, a seasoned social worker and global expert in family-based care. GCA and SFAC have joined forces in order to multiply our impact and give more children the opportunity to grow up in safe, loving families.

Gifts to SFAC are tax-deductible through GCA.

Equipping Local Organizations

Our Border Equipping Center was established in 2015, because child protection resources are very limited on the border of Thailand and inside Myanmar, especially in the Burmese language. Many organizations need specialized training in best practice so our team provides training and we also bring in field experts.

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