We protect victims

Women and children who’ve been abused or trafficked are referred to us by government agencies. We respond with short-term emergency care and longterm family-based care.


Our protection programs:


Emergency Shelter

When a woman or child is the victim of violence or exploitation, we work together with local authorities and child welfare officials to determine the best response. The first goal is to remove the perpetrator from the community if possible but sometimes a short term refuge is needed during that process. Our family-style emergency shelter provides temporary therapeutic care with the goal of getting every child back into a healthy family as soon as possible. 



Family-Based Alternative Care

When a child's birth family is not a safe option to return to, we seek out family-based alternatives. If kinship care is not possible, we recruit and equip foster families through the local church. We have placed 30 children in safe, family-based care.


Crisis Hotline

In marginalized communities, people don't report abuse for fear of deportation. We serve as trusted allies for these communities -- we are usually the first call parents make when a child goes missing or abuse is happening in a neighbor’s home. We respond to reports in collaboration with our local child protection network.



Freedom Restoration Project - Selah Center

After earning her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Azusa Pacific University, Sia returned to Mae Sot to lead the Freedom Restoration Project. She supports women and children experiencing domestic violence and exploitation. Sia meets them where they are to help them heal and discern their futures.


Your support helps us protect victims of exploitation