For almost two decades, SFAC’s team of qualified social workers, therapists and lawyers has equipped people caring for vulnerable children with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to provide the highest level of care to the children under their protection.

SFAC has worked with hundreds of organisations in over 30 countries and, as a result, countless children are now being cared for and loved by their own immediate or extended families or in substitute families rather than in institutions and orphanages.

GCA is partnered with UK-based, SFAC in their mission to equip those on the frontlines of child protection.

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Children Belong in Families

SFAC was founded by a social worker named Mick Pease who wrote this book, Children Belong in Families. It is the account of his life’s passion and the subsequent story of SFAC’s work. 

Anyone seeking to work with orphaned or vulnerable children, should read this book first.