Children Belong in Families

Children Belong in Families


A Remarkable Journey Towards Global Change

Written by: Mick PeasePhilip Williams

Forward by: Caroline Cox

All the profits raised from the sale of Children Belong in Families will go to support the work of SFAC, the charity Mick founded in 2002. 

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About the Book

For too long, the world’s lonely and vulnerable children have been forgotten and ignored. Millions of children are abandoned for a life on the streets or live with unsafe families or in soulless institutions. Now the tide is turning. Pioneers like Mick Pease and his remarkable charity SFAC lead a global movement for change.

This insightful and uplifting book takes us on a journey that spans three decades and five continents. We meet judges and social workers, missionaries and aid workers, the children and families themselves. Mick asks tough questions, such as: Would you want your children in a safe family or in an institution? Would you want them to belong to something or to someone? He offers proven solutions for children separated from their families in widely different societies, from the hills of Myanmar to the sprawling cities of Brazil.

SFAC supports measures to keep children in their families and communities or to find safe alternatives where this is not possible. The key is always the best interests of the child. It is an extraordinary journey from the Yorkshire coalfields to advocacy and influence in the corridors of power. It offers practical wisdom and a hope for the future.

About the Authors

Mick Pease is founder and director of SFAC (Strengthening Families for Abandoned Children, He promotes and advocates family-based care for vulnerable children worldwide. A qualified social worker and former miner, he lives in Leeds, UK, with his wife Brenda.

Philip Williams is a freelance marketing researcher and writer. He has worked in communications management for universities and colleges and won several writing prizes.