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A Global Movement

Growing up in a strong, healthy family is a child's best protection from abuse and trafficking and God's design for children.

However, family separation has been an issue internationally for decades.

Right now, it is estimated that 8 million children are growing up in orphanages despite the fact that 80-90% have families. Decades of research show that living outside of a family makes children much more vulnerable to exploitation throughout their life course. Governments around the globe are now mandating care reform for the best interest of their children.

Our Motivation

Making the transition from long-term residential care to family-based care requires practical, hands-on social work skills to ensure children are safe in the process. Since this is a gap in many contexts, we’re collaborating with global experts to build this capacity for organizations.


How can you get involved?

Social workers who are passionate about child protection, can sign up to be equipped to provide education and training both locally and globally.

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Join this free online course about the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care for Children: 'Getting Care Right for All Children' which includes experts from UNICEF, CELCIS and the UN.

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