Every child needs an advocate

This is meant to be the role of a mom or dad, but that is not the reality for millions of children across the globe.

Poverty and injustice tear families apart, making children vulnerable. We work to break that cycle.


We prevent abuse, trafficking and abandonment 


We protect the most vulnerable survivors of injustice


We empower through education and advocacy


Our mission is to strengthen the layers of protection around children to prevent abuse, trafficking and institutionalization while empowering through education and advocacy. 


Meet our team

We are an international team of social workers, teachers, artisans, accountants and engineers all unified in heart - to #BeLove in marginalized communities and advocate for the best interest of every woman and child. 

We use clay as a starting point to empower young women on the Thailand-Myanmar border


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It is an honor and a privilege to come under the wing of Global Child Advocates and pass my love of creativity and skill on to the beautiful girls of Sojourn Studio who are fighting to change the trajectory of their lives into a hope-filled future.
— Quinn Smith, Remnant Studios

Become an Advocate

You can advocate with us on behalf of vulnerable women and children. Share about our work with your friends and family and in doing so, you'll increase our impact.