The Start of A New Chapter


On July 24th, we officially launched our new name and website with our team in Thailand and it was a full evening. We were joined by several of our foster families and our Sojourn girls and the celebration began in true Thai-style ~ with a feast. Next, we worshipped God together as a team, rotating songs through three different languages and then we prayed.

First - in gratitude for all that God has done over the last 10 years through our teams. We thanked Him for the restoration of lives broken by abuse and trafficking, for the forever families provided for children who lacked safe families of their own and for the families strengthened to stay together despite difficult times. 

Second - we thanked God for all those who have been a part of our story and the history which has made us who we are today. We've grown and matured over the years through challenges and opportunities and God has used a lot of amazing individuals throughout our journey. From all the diverse staff who have been the boots on the ground over the years, to all of those from the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Norway and Canada who've served or partnered with us to make our work possible, we asked God to bless each individual.

Last - we asked for wisdom in our decisions and direction during the next ten years! 

We ended the evening by showing the whole team the new website and everyone giggled as their beautiful faces crossed the big screen up front. All in all, it was a great night full of gratitude and excitement.

Stay tuned here for news about this new chapter in our story! 

Ashlee Heiligman