Stories of Hope

Our global community of advocates and partners allows us to prevent some of the worst abuses of power, protect children and empower others. The work is sometimes difficult, and the children and families we work with have an uphill journey to wholeness. But it is our continuous prayer that we can share stories of hope and impact we see daily. 


No longer afraid

For two years, no one listened.

Isa Lin* spoke up to everyone who might stop the abuse but her father's words were more persuasive.

He had convinced everyone, including Isa's own mother, that her stories were made up. 

Thamee's Story

Thamee lived with her mother inside Myanmar. She never knew her father. Thamee's mother needed to work in another city so a couple in her village offered to pay her travel costs in exchange for her daughter

The mother agreed and Thamee was bought at age 9 for $74 to be a servant in the couple's home.

She is enough

Sanya's son, Tin Lay, was born with a severe disability and before she met our team, she had already decided to give him away.

Her relatives were constantly telling her to do so because she was struggling to get by herself...