Meet San San Aye

June 12, 2018

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San San Aye is an incredible mom but having a new baby,  while also caring for a child with severe disability would overwhelm the best of us. As a Burmese migrant struggling to make ends meet, San San Aye has even more challenges to face. 

San San Aye's first child was born with a severe disability and before she met our team, she had already decided to give him away. Her relatives were constantly telling her to do so because she was struggling to get by herself.  San San Aye believed an orphanage could provide a better life for her son, but she loved him deeply and the thought of giving him away was unbearable.

For some mothers, this burden would be too great and some make the difficult decision to give their child to an orphanage. She felt stressed and depressed about the whole situation.

However, after meeting our team member Joy, she finally felt like she had someone she could trust who could help her. Through tangible and intangible support, we've helped her understand how vital her role is in her children's lives. By providing nutrition support during the hardest times and showing up as a friend all the time, San San Aye began to believe in her ability to be a good mother. 

We've been at her side for years now and she is confident in her role as a mother. When she recently gave birth to a new little one, there was not a doubt in her mind that she was everything her newborn needed too.  

She is who her children want, who they need and she is enough.

San San Aye is committed to her children and we are committed to her.