How could we say No?

September 15, 2018

How can we say yes to a child when our future is so unclear, yet how could we say no to a little girl who needs a mom and dad more than anything else?” 

These questions weighed heavy on two of our team members’ hearts. John Stephen and Jo Lin were newlyweds, about to move back to Burma, but a little girl named Myia* had captured their hearts.

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Myia’s father took off before she was born and her mother had Tuberculosis. She came into emergency care when she was only 2 months old, while her mother received medical treatment. Our team worked towards reunification however, her mother’s mental and physical health continued to deteriorate. When Mayia was 2 years old, her mother died.

At that age, a child’s sense of safety in the world is based on others meeting their needs and attachment is vital for emotional healing. Within our Emergency Shelter, Jo Lin became Myia’s person; the one to hold her, comfort her and the one to remind Myia everyday that she is deeply loved.

Since a shelter is not the best place for a child long-term, our team began planning for a family placement. After unsuccessfully searching for safe relatives, recruiting a foster family seemed to be in Myia’s best interest. Because of the bond she had already built with John Stephen and Jo Lin, they were naturally our first choice.  

In light of their concerns, Daniel simply asked them to pray for 3 days and seek peace, for either direction.

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After 3 days in prayer, their answer was clear. Both John Stephen and Jo Lin had 100% peace that Myia was to become their daughter. When Daniel asked how they were so sure, Jo Lin responded,

“Things were completely changed. All of my worries, uncertainties and insecurities were gone after we simply, and humbly said ‘Yes’ to God.”

Myia was officially added to the family shortly after they moved to Burma and has been able to meet many relatives who will now be a part of her life-long support system. Her grandmothers are smitten with her and love to care for her every chance they get. She is now 6 years old and thriving in school. She’s a huge fan of spicy food and is very talkative.

Myia could have lived her entire life as an orphan, but instead she is thriving as a daughter, known and embraced by the love of a family.

Your support empowers families for children like Myia!

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*name changed to protect identity