Kristine Smith

Thailand Finance Officer - International Liaison


"Why did I come here? Honestly, it was God. I had no desire to live in a foreign country. However, when I lost my job in 2009, I knew God was up to something. When I visited Mae Sot in 2009 for one day, I heard about No Man's Land and how children were being trafficked. I cried and I knew I'd be coming back. On that same trip, I learned about the situation in Burma and met so many that had fled from the Burmese Army into Thailand. Nancy Barkus connected me and the rest is history...

I cry often when I share about the work we do here in Mae Sot. I love that we get to bring God's love and hope to those that have lost hope and may not feel loved. I love the families we come alongside to help strengthen."  

Kristine has lived in Mae Sot and worked with us since 2011. To follow Kristine's ministry, you can find her on Instagram or Facebook or signup for her newsletters below.  


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