Strong families prevent child exploitation

We equip families to be the best defense for children


Our prevention programs: 


Family and Community Engagement

Many parents we know at the Thailand-Myanmar border are struggling to provide food, shelter and an education for their children. We come alongside those at highest risk of crisis and connect them with tangible resources. Our community engagement team is present in intentional relationships with marginalized communities every day. We strengthen community connections and refer families to available local resources. Our team builds relationships with the local authorities and community leaders to be the best possible advocates for our friends.

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Early Childhood Development Center

Our center is a safe and nurturing learning environment where preschool-aged children are loved and cared for while their mothers work. The children learn and play all day, and return home each night to reap the benefits of growing within their own family. Our center is unique in this community; children are able to build their creative and cognitive abilities while gaining an understanding of basic literacy, mathematics and science through play. 


Crisis Nutrition Support

For families who are already struggling, an emergency can lead to distress. Food insecurity during those times compounds desperation. We deliver temporary food support to homes to help families persevere through devastation and get back on their feet. We provide baby formula for mothers unable to breastfeed and fortified milk to children to prevent malnourishment. We don't create dependency, but we do ensure no child goes hungry.


Parenting Skills and Child Protection Training

Parents and caregivers who understand attachment, brain development and the impact of childhood trauma are better able to care for children. We educate parents so they can fully understand the importance of their role in their child's life.


Vocational Training Program

We identify strengths that struggling parents have and connect them to opportunities that fit their skill sets and needs. Sojourn Studio's day program is designed to empower mothers who need extra income to support their families.


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