Jesus Followers Rooted in Faith


As Global Child Advocates, we are a non-sectarian community of faith, which advocates for the most vulnerable regardless of race, religion, creed, or any other status. In seeking to strengthen the layers of protection around children to prevent abuse, trafficking and institutionalization, we seek to restore God’s design of family for all children.

As an organization, our focus on holistic child protection requires collaboration with governments, local organizations, and other communities of faith. We believe this should be done with the utmost mutual respect, while upholding the best interest of every child.

As a faith community, our team intentionally draws strength and unity from our common commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ and from mutual encouragement through worship and scripture. We pursue team members who embrace and contribute to the spiritual community through shared conviction and faith practices.

We ask all applicants who wish to join this community to share their spiritual journey through their personal testimony as it relates to their desire to serve with our team.

As with any such society of faith, SEC. 2000e-1 [Section702] of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes provision for employment along lines of shared religious convictions.


Statements inspired by International Justice Mission, whom we greatly respect.