Our vision is to see every child safe and thriving.

Our story began with a little girl - age 11 - who we met on the streets in a border town between Thailand and Myanmar in 2008. She was begging for money with her younger brother in tow and as we engaged her vulnerabilities, we discovered a world of exploitation affecting millions of children globally.

She came from an extremely marginalized, migrant community - within a hidden population - where families are afraid to go to the authorities because of the police brutality in their own country.

Children and families in these communities are exploited from every angle.

Loan sharks use fear mongering and massive debts to control families. Children are trafficked into corrupt orphanages to solicit donations. Child abuse goes unreported and traffickers target the most vulnerable and use false promises to coerce or buy young women and boys for labor or sex.

Through intentional relationships in this little girl’s community and many like it, we’ve become safe allies and advocates against child exploitation.

Our mission is to strengthen the layers of protection around children to prevent abuse, trafficking and institutionalization and to empower through education and advocacy.

Our story is not about us.

It’s not about the impact we’ve made, the lives we’ve transformed or the families we’ve created over the last 10 years.

Our story is about a God who loves every man, woman and child, who asks each of us to advocate for those who are vulnerable.

He deserves all the accolades for the impact we make.

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Our Values



We look beyond brands, funding and ideology to ensure children are safe from harm. Our partners range from government officials to child welfare, to local organizations and churches.

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Being Love

We are Jesus followers and seek to reflect His character and love in all that we do, without agenda.  We are grateful to work in extremely diverse contexts with people of all faiths and backgrounds. 


Best Practice

Since good intentions can lead to a myriad of risks for children, we use evidence-based best practice in our approach to child protection. We are committed to the best interest of every child. 

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We believe that God designed families to be the best protection for children and the best advocates. We strengthen their resilience and give them the tools needed to keep their children safe. 



We strengthen the existing support systems around children rather than focusing on the child in isolation. We are committed to prevention and tackling the root issues leading to child vulnerability. 

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We listen to our national leaders and champion their vision for their own people. We recognize that their understanding of culture is essential to effectively engage injustice.


You can help us carry out this mission and protect more children